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    Black Restart Day 5

    Ok,I challenged Elise after I trained a little. I had a double evolution with my Tympole and Roggenrola on the first trainer. I was defeated by Elise the first time I tried. I did a little more training of all my pokemon to Lv 27 and defeated her my 2nd try, After that I she told me she needed to ask get the bridge down. I did a little more training and the when I went on to the next route,Cheren once more challenged me and once again I defeated him. After that we met Alder and he told us to have a battle with 2 little kids. Me and Cheren won. It gave some advice to Cheren but he ignored it. After that I defeated all the trainers on the route and ever item I picked up. I then caught a Gothita,Liepard and a Minccino. The Elise got the bridge down to us and me and Cheren walked across the bridge. We met Clay on the other side,kinda sounded like he was mad at us and he told us Plasmas escaped when the bridge was let down. So me and Cheren had to find them before we could challenge him. We went into the Cold Storage and I defeated all the workers and trainers in the area and picked up every item. I also caught a Herdier and a Vanillite. Finaly me and Cheren found the Plasmas and we had to battle 4 each. Then Clay and 3 workers came in to take care of them. After that I healed my pokemon then went to the gym where Clay let the Plasmas go free with Ghestis. After that I defeated all the trainers in the gym and was defeated by Clay my first try. After that i trained my pokemon and my Sandile evolved. My second try I was also defeated again after he took down all my pokemon with his Excadrill. But my newly evolved Palpitoad came through and defeated Clay. Now I am re orginizeing my team and getting ready for the road ahead. My Blitzle also evolved after a few training breaks.

    Current Team:
    Vanillite: Lv 30
    Dewott: Lv 30
    Rufflet: Lv 30
    Zebstrika: Lv 30
    Growlithe: Lv 30
    Boldore: Lv 30

    Stand Bys:
    Palpitoad: Lv 30
    Grovyle: Lv 30
    Krokorok: Lv 30
    Lucario: Lv 31