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    Chapter 4.5 – Venius Cloud – God District

    It was more than just a stadium. It was a palace with a grand stage, awaiting the entertainers to arrive on its surface.

    The place was sun-kissed a series of golds and whites for the theme of that year, with spiraling pillars that would make the Romans proud of their Gods. Held upon those pillars, was the main attraction; a reflective mirror that held together three things. Two of the most luxurious chairs sat facing eachother, with a table seperating the two respectfully. Lining the mirror stage, were vines of gold that made up the rail. Couldn't have anyone climbing onto the stage, or falling off, no?

    Fanning out from the center like sunflower petals, were the spectator seats. And within thoser finely carved works, sat the eager Gods and Goddesses of the world. The place was big enough to sport nearly the entire population of the God's District. And anyone who couldn't go was exiled. Such a big social event was so important, that anyone who didn't go had to be either extremely poor, or at death's door. For now, the species was calm and collected, but as the lights shifted off from the aisles and onto the centerwork, excited whispers and random cheers blew through. The lights shimmered as though they were encrypted with glitter. A circular panel on the mirror lowered itself into the inside of the "Backstage", and a hush fell over the colorful crowd. The second a figure rose up from it, it was practically a riot. Shouts of joy and entertainment rang like the schoolbells that held God's children indoors during the show. A perfect white smile greeted the citizens, and a hand gestured a welcome.

    "Gods and Goddesses of the Realm! Venius Cloud!" The overhead speakers boomed. It was more than just an event. It was a celebration of the long-awaited Population Games. The show before the real show. All this excitement? It wasn't just for him. It was for the boys and girls under the mirror, as well.

    Venius walked off the panel as it clicked into place, and moved himself around the stage to catch eye with those lucky enough and wealthy enough to sit right up to the rail. He even reached over at times to take the hands of the young Goddesses. He didn't have a mic on him. He didn't need one, nor was his voice obnoxiously loud. His voice had been amplified specifically to be overheard through the commotion. He was their idol right that moment. Venius Cloud was a name that you talked about over supper. He was the embodiment of entertainment; sometimes seen as the face itself for the most popular reality television show, The Population Games.

    "Hello, my fair neighbours!" He addressed them all. The cries grew louder as they all took it upon themselves to reply back.

    It took a few minutes for the spectators to settle down, and when they did, Venius took a seat respectfully in one of the chairs. Cameras up on the balconies high up, were aimed at ever inch of the stage as not to miss any surprises.

    "It's very nice to see familiar faces from last week's show. But, who wouldn't be here for this special?" He chuckled, and crossed his legs. "Wow... Do we ever have a grand cast for the Games this year... Well! What better to go with a grand Gamemaster? I give you my first guest, Natruo Henayas!" The panel had disappeared once more, and rose back up with Venius' first guest. The man stood tall with a fitted dress shirt of red and black. He looked sharp. His hair had been dyed, perhaps specifically for the occassion, to the blackest of blacks. Though, he still had that spike-style to it. He probably impaled small children on his head. The crowd cheered for him hard, as he was the giver of their favorite show. Of their favorite Victors. The noise quieted down appropriately when he shook hands with his interviewer, and sat down across from him.

    "So, Natruo..." And it began.
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