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Made it to Oreburgh, doing just a bit more training before taking on the Gym since I caught some new Pokemon (seen below).

Total time: 4:31

Current team:

Malik (Turtwig) LV17 ♂

Star (Staravia yaaaay it evolved) Lv14 ♀

Sarabi (Shinx) Lv11 ♀

Jung (Abra) Lv12 ♂

Blank (Psyduck) Lv10 ♂

Hassan (Machop) Lv10 ♂

Placed in PC:

Artex (Ponyta) ♂- this guy'll be getting some usage once I finish up in Oreburgh. Also if this were a Nuzlocke I'd feel bad for naming him Artex ;