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Originally Posted by RyanRoksXD View Post
Swift, just wondering. Should I change the levels of my Pokemon? They seem to be so much lower than everyone else's. Also Mistys pokemon are lvl 18 and 21, much too high for my Pokemon to have beaten them.
Hm I agree, I'm going to give your Pokémon a 4 level boost if that is ok, if you could edit it into your SU, I'll make the same edits on my records.

I'm also going to be PMing some people about lowering their levels slightly. For some characters it makes sense to have high levelled pokémon, others... not so much so.

Although I do stress that levels aren't overly important, I'm quite happy with a supposed lv 20 beating a supposed lv 30 - but levels just make giving moves easier.

Pokeman10000 hopefully if you get it finished early tomorrow it'll be fine anyway. Please spoiler that image though as it's a bit big!
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