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On my first run, what I plan to do is buy a booster pack of cards. Then I will have to use the pokemon on the cards in the game. If I find a card with an evolved form, I will have to train the prevolution up if unnecessary. (Does this have a name?)
Sounds like a challenge idea. You should bring it up in CI&D sometime! k done advertising my forums lol

Anyway, I'm just gonna play the game normally. Not gonna do a challenge, not gonna plan a team (OKAY WELL I am gonna have Petilil and Umbreon IT'S JUST A GIVEN oh and prob ditching starter but that's also a given), etc. And make sure I talk to all the NPCs so I can know who gives items and who doesn't. I'll probably be looking up guides a lot because I won't be able to read my game but oh well! Can't wait for it to get in. :)
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