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    You're right, Dracoflare! As for the whole using "said" part of your advice, it really depends on the writer. I rarely use any dialogue tags (using action to tell who is speaking), and the ones that I use I mix up instead of just using the same ones. But others like using "said" for each dialogue tag. It's up to the writer, and it's much like everything else. Just know how to use it.

    As for your plot, right now it's very basic. It just seems like a usual original trainer fic with only one trainer and fighting off against the boss of the evil team, helped by the rival. It sounds almost like the other Pokemon manga, Special, in a way. Do you have any more details on the plot to mark it different from other OT fics?

    But really, a large part of the Electric Tale of Pikachu manga was the humor in it. Capture that humor, and that will make the fic pretty unique in itself.

    Well, that and no one seems to remember that Electric Tale of Pikachu exists. So just having a fic based on that is rare.

    Drgons90, you do have an interesting idea. Exploring why Sinnoh Pokemon suddenly appear in Hoenn will make for a good plot right there, but with the new team trying for six legendary Pokemon, that's six chases you can make exciting. You say that you have ideas to twist up the plot, and that's good. With the idea to write it as a diary, you just have to remember that that's how you really catch your character's voice. By the way they write and react to things after the fact.

    For the dialogue, I'm going to have to agree with Zayphora. Personally, I like the quotation marks over script. But if you want to do script, than that's fine. If you do want to change to the quotation marks, I can certainly help you with any questions you may have on punctuating dialogue tags.

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