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    Here we are; whoooo~ She is a real doozy. Um... I can't find a suitble picture for her at the moment... can I just use all text until I do? ;_;


    Full Name: Gloria Robertson

    Age (16+): 21

    Gender: Female

    Hometown: Vermillion City

    Appearance: Gloria is about 5'3''; considered to be a pretty short person. She's a person that likes to wear a variety of outfits; to her eccentric style; in which as a result, she's basically dressed as a rock star. Mostly, she likes to wear a blue t-shirt with a red-star, outlined by yellow lining. Also, while this is not an occasional wear, on a cold day, sometimes over neath her T-shirt, she wears a short, black vest that does at least cover her upper abdomen, that's completely covered in silver glitter, to add the effect that it sparkles in sunlight. On the back of the vest, is a white skull, that was stylized and painted on it. She also wears a skirt, which is also completely pink. On her left hand, she wears a black glove hand warmer, which the fingers of the glove have been cut off, so that her fingers would stick out.

    Her hair is blond, that is also very long; it goes to about Gloria's lower back. Gloria usually ties it so that it would puff up, (kind of like Hilda from Pokemon White's hair style) in which even so, the hair is so long that it also drops down to her mid-back. Her big hair is all supported by a pink bow that holds it all together, so that it wouldn't drop down all the way back to her lower back. On her right eye, she has a pink star painted on, like what a generic rock-star would have on some occasions, which the star acted like her eye-liner. She also wears black long boots with light blue laces that is long enough to be just below her knee when she wears them.

    Personality: First of all, Gloria is a girl that you might call a tomboy. Not following the "strict rules of femininity" as she calls it, she would only act, and be like herself. More ever, she's not a person that simply "goes with the flow", she would act, and coordinate the way she sees fit; spicing things up her own way, depending on the situation. Also, she's a girl with a lot of attitude, with an eccentric ego to boost. Her ego, is an attitude that derives her to be the top of everyone, but only in terms of talent, but entertainment.

    Gloria also loves music; and with her love of music, she likes to reveal herself as someone with a "diva" persona. Due to this diva persona, she likes the concept of "trash talking" to others; but not just others, mainly, those on who she considered to be a rival. This trash talking however, is very comical when she combines it along with her energetic speeches and conversations with people. Speaking of her hyper energetic attitude, sometimes she would yell her dreams, or hop and jump around a room or a wide open space, trying to energize and psyche herself before completing a task, or just performing music.

    Biography: Gloria had a eccentric life growing up in Vermillion City. Of course, she was born in Vermillion City, in which she had a Mom and Dad, but one day, her mother divorced her father, due to implications of child support, which in term, left her alone with her father to take care of her. When she was five, she was naturally depressed all the time because she never even knew her mother. Her father always knew this as well, which then one day, he had an idea. One day, her father bought a bass guitar, and he played a song for Gloria for an hour. Gloria loved that playing so much, that she developed a passion and likeness for music.

    Two years later when she turned seven years old, she was finally inspired enough to make her own themes and music. Her first song, was about her mother. Her only audience however, was her father. Fortunately, her father was devoted enough, to listen to her song that one day when she decided to perform it, in which the only thing he said, that day when her song was over, was: "Gloria, no one can top you in entertainment."

    Of course, with that said, Gloria developed a swelled head; when she turned 9, she began having an ego throughout elementary school, where she always challenged herself to be the top of the class; whether it be writing, reading quicker, or even cleaning up the fastest in "clean up time". You could argue however, that the sudden confidence boost was inspired to her, from her father, who helped he during those depressing times on when her mother left the family.

    Carrying on her ego and her love of music, she turned 18, she captured her first pokemon - a Growlithe, and as she became a pokemon trainer, she, along with a couple of friends of hers, decided to make up an all girl rock band known as "Gozzy". The name, of course was chosen by random. The purpose of this band, was to enlighten the seemingly "boring" world, with the delight of music, and the performance of especially Gloria, still hot headed as ever. One day, during one of their practice sessions, her father interrupted them. For what purpose? Her father was proud of the way she became independent, and was proud on how she have grown despite her mother leaving the two of them. As such, her father gave her a gift: the first instrument that Gloria heard that sparked her love of music: the base guitar her father first played her. Her eyes sparking and filled with emotions, she swore that she would always cherish this guitar, in memory of her father, her mother....and music.

    With her tour over for the moment, she soon recived, a gift from a fan, a ticket to board upon the S.S. Anne. Hey, it was the perfect time to shake up the stuffy-quiet people on board, and entertain them with music as part of the vacation. So, Gloria accepted it.


    Pokémon (Max 3)

    Species: Growlithe
    Level: 25
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Intimidate
    Moveset: Flamethrower, Bite, Leer, Reversal

    Personality: Growlithe can be as sweet as it can be when he travels with Gloria. When one first approaches it, it usually gives a "cute puppy dog aura", panting as it wags its tail when it's pet... it seems like the whole cute package. However, when it battles, it's like a fierce bull dog; it'll growl, and hiss to intimidate it's foes right from the start of the battle. It likes to jam in along with Gloria's music; since she even developed a battle style with Growlithe; using Flamethrower to beat with the sounds of Gloria's rhythms.

    Short Bio: Growlithe was Gloria's first pokemon when she was on tour with her band. She received it from her father before she set out on her journey, with her band. Growlithe used to be the type who does not battle often; he would usually set at the sidelines... watching Gloria perform. He was like a little special pet. That was until Gloria and her band entered the battle of the bands tournament outside the Indigo Plateau - she entered with her Growlithe, who battles with all his might... conquering foes that were smaller, bigger, wider, and so on, until Gloria and her band reached first place. Even from that day, Growlithe still served as Gloria's special partner.

    Species: Ponyta
    Level: 23
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Moveset: Flame Charge, Take Down, Growl, Wild Charge

    Personality: Ponyta here is a little ditzy - she doesn't know her left from her right. She even gets lost when she is trying to find a berry only a few feet from her. However, despite her ditzyness, she's a top runner who tends to get an edge over her opponents by using speed to evade attacks. This doesn't always work for Gloria, since Ponyta also can get confused with commands.

    Short Bio: Gloria's second pokemon, she caught it in cinnabar island during her trainer tour, near the ash fields. Gloria at first did not really use or care for her Ponyta, at least compared to her Growlithe, until the battle of the bands whre she battled with it, and she was deeply impressed with Ponyta's ability to run. Of course, because of Gloria's lack of training with it, she found it very... tricky to handle Ponyta. To this day, however, she made it her goal to evolve Ponyta, so she could be a faster runner.

    Species: Emolga
    Level: 30
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Motor Drive (DW ability)
    Moveset: Double Team, Electro Ball, Acrobatics, Aerial Ace

    Personality: Emolga, although not as Ditzy as Gloria's Ponyta, she's sort of like a big, random sister. Emolga's eccentric desire to fly shows no bounds, even when she is in battle; whenever Emolga uses the move 'Acrobatics', she often has her daydreams of being able to fly; so much so that it gives her opponent time to counter-act.

    Short Bio: Gloria's third pokemon, she caught it near the fields of Celedon, during her journey. This was also Gloria's first time catching a non-fire type. It was weird - Gloria did not know what to expect from this pokemon, until in battle, as she noticed Emolga's natural gliding abilities - Gloria exploited a strategy to hover over her opponents while... playing unfitting music of course.

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