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Originally Posted by Jat View Post
Okay, thnx for the suggestion but wat do you mean by 'not very viable' and i can't take aerial ace out because of coverage
"Not very viable" means that the move can't be used effectively. I can state why AncientPower and Aerial Ace aren't viable options:
-AncientPower runs off of Tyranitar's weaker attack stat. It also isn't very strong (at 60 BP, 90 if you take STAB in account). Its side effect of boosting all stats has a low chance of happening (10%)
-While Aerial Ace gives Tyranitar a way for dealing with Grass, Bug and Fighting Pokemon (Breloom, Virizion and Heracross come in mind), it doesn't have much utility outside of that. A neutral Superpower (at 120 BP, no STAB, since Tyranitar isn't Fighting) does as much damage as a supereffective non-STABed Aerial Ace (at the cost of lowering your physical stats, but you can always switch). Superpower also has better coverage and it deals with opposing Steel Pokemon, something that your proposed set has difficulty accomplishing outside of Thunderbolt.

Another possible set here can be used to take advantage of Tyranitar's bulk and relatively wide move pool:
-Stealth Rock
-Fire Blast
-Ice Beam/Stone Edge/Superpower
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