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Originally Posted by Akio123 View Post
Heck alot of Pokemon would make sense, but a fully evolved like that? Not a chance.
We're definitely at the peak of Unova at the moment, I don't see why that would be out of the question. Iris already proved she has a background in battling, she's a skilled trainer. I don't think it be such a problem to see Iris capture it in it's fully evolved form. I'd actually very much like to see it actually, we've very rarely seen a main character capture a powerful Pokémon in it's last form. Dawn's an interesting example. Although she didn't capture her Mamoswine in it's last form, it quickly evolved from a Swinub to Mamoswine in a matter of 22 episodes, I honestly think this was a means of giving her a strong powerhouse, but reasonably from the start as she was still a new trainer. Seeing as we are at the peak of the series, I think giving her such a powerful Pokémon is actually very reasonable, it was be a little dull to give her a Dratini so close to the end of the series.

I can't say I think it'll happen, I'm just saying it's a possibility. I rather they take the advantage of a Lapras.
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