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    Originally Posted by PokeReject
    hmmm, after Cinnabar, try going to Dragon's Den or revisit Mt. Moon. If not, go to S.S. Office in Vermillion, and "carefully" check around the first floor.
    Went to all three of those places and looked around:
    Dragon's Den: 3 Dragon Trainers and the old guy who gives Dratini
    Mt. Moon: Nothing has changed, still a scientist blocking the entrance saying that he is looking for fossils.
    S.S. Office: Just a guy telling me to look at their offers, someone talking about the S.S. Space and a guy saying he made some presentations

    Also, the extra entrance to Ice Path was blocked, but now it's not. I went in and explored but no Articuno

    Edit: I just beat Red and then Axel called me to go to the S.S. Offfice and am now in Seafoam Islands.
    But it seems kind of stupid that you have to beat Red to get the legendary birds.

    Can anyone tell me what is the purpose of he black and white flutes?
    And also where to find the white flute?
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