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    Omigod shoot shoot shoot, sorry, PC was down all last night and I've been at a country club all day and shoot D:

    I can have the SU done within the next couple of hours if that's okay; I don't think you'll be logged back on PC by the time I'm done anyways so it's worth a shot. Sorry about that! I'll get to work now x3

    Name: Nadia “Nellie” Elson
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Lilycove City

    Appearance: If Nadia’s natural appearance were to be described in a single word, it would be ‘average’. She carries this trait in almost every aspect: her height and weight are average, neither too tall nor too short (coming in at about 5’10”), not horribly thin or overweight. Her brown hair hangs down straight to about her chest, and her facial features include brown eyes, bland lips, and cheeks that are neither pale nor especially rosy. Her arms, feet, legs, and hands are all exceptionally normal as well. Nadia’s physical appearance would cause her to blend into any crowd under normal circumstances, as there is always somebody more striking or pretty than her. She would seldom be looked at closely, and quite often simply be passed over. However, this isn’t usually the case.

    Despite the features she was born with, Nadia tries to use anything she can to stand out and shine. She owns an assortment of accessories ranging from clunky earrings to simple bracelets, in every color, shape, and size imaginable. She mixes up her wardrobe often, and displays an array of different outfits fit for any occasion. One day she might wear a neon green top, orange skirt with a matching vest, and worn out sneakers, and the next she could be sporting jeans and a hooded sweatshirt. When her family is around, however, she tends to go for the less extravagant pieces, blending into the background as much as possible. The one thing Nadia dislikes most about her appearance, and that cannot be covered up, is her hair. Nine times out of ten it will be hanging straight down, and no matter how many attempts at changing it she makes, she always finds it back where it started.

    Personality: Raised by a family of extremely competitive and well-known battlers, Nadia strives to live up to expectations and shine. However, she is an outcast in her family and tends to fade into the background around them. Instead of having Pokemon battles as her passion like the rest of her family, Nadia’s goal is something else: to be a star. While on the battlefield she turns into a hot mess, on stage she feels at home, whether it be as a singer or an actress. She craves the spotlight, and all of the drama and attention that comes with it. Although this is a huge disappointment to her family, she knows who she is, and has grown to accept it.

    Even though she has her mind set on being a performer, Nadia is still quite new to this world. Having been quiet and overshadowed by her family for the majority of her life, she is just breaking out of her shell and trying to start over as a new person. When not on stage, Nadia is somewhat awkward. She stumbles on her word and trips constantly, even when there is nothing to trip over. However, this can be covered up by her determination to succeed. She has learned how to take criticism, and can deal with stress well.

    Beneath all of this, Nadia is still, well, a girl. She frets over her appearance, swoons over cute guys, and can gossip for hours on end. Beneath her tough outer shell, she can be quite self-conscious about how she looks and acts, and wants to be loved by one man almost as much as she wants to be adored by an audience.

    History: Born in Lilycove City, Nadia grew up as the youngest of five children. Her parents were both incredibly talented battlers, with many achievements and wins under their belt, such as badges and championships. Her siblings were all also very competitive battlers, and began to make names for themselves in the battling world. Her twin brothers opened an unofficial gym when Nadia was two, and she spent many of her younger days there while her parents were away. However, despite being surrounded by Pokemon and battles constantly, she never truly entered her family’s world.

    Growing up, Nadia never strayed very far from Lilycove. She tried and tried again to understand Pokemon battling, but for some reason was never able to do well. She lacked the enthusiasm that Pokemon training required, and didn’t connect well with any of the Pokemon her parents lent her. Nadia lost nearly every battle she was in, except for a few cases when she won only due to the strength of the Pokemon she was borrowing. Eventually, she gave up trying to win, and although her family was disappointed, she tried not to let it get to her. She began to grow apart from her family, and instead spent most of her time in the company of her neighbor Henry, who lived down the street and was the same age as her. Like Nadia, Henry wasn’t a battler – instead, he competed in Pokemon contests, and trained to became a master coordinator. He tried to show Nadia the new world of Pokemon contests, and it was a step closer for her: she loved the applause, the lights, the stage…but she still lacked the skill of Pokemon training, and failed to start a true coordinator career.

    When Nadia was ten, her grandmother visited them all the way from the Kanto region. Nadia hadn’t ever gotten the chance to know her, since the last time she was able to visit had been several years ago when Nadia was just a baby. Over the course of her grandmother’s visit, Nadia grew closer to her grandma, who was willing to look past the rest of her family’s disappointment. Nadia’s grandma listened to her granddaughter’s doubts, and realized another option for Nadia that the rest of her family had never even begun to think about: performing. She began to show Nadia a new set of goals and dreams, and so Nadia’s journey to stardom began.

    A week after her visit, Grandma Elson sent Nadia her very first Pokemon: a Jigglypuff. From that point on, Nadia and her new Jigglypuff began to train, not as battlers or as coordinators, but as performs. They sang and danced, took on different roles, and wrote Grandma weekly for new ideas. The two were inseparable, and even Henry and her began to grow apart.

    Years later, Nadia’s grandmother, who was now quite old and knew her time was coming, visited once again. This time, it was to see Nadia specifically. She brought with her a wonderful surprise for her granddaughter: a ticket for the S.S. Anne. This was an amazing opportunity for Nadia, a chance to finally get to see the world. Her parents didn’t take much convincing to let her go (although her grandma wouldn’t tell how she got the ticket), and Nadia was now 19, so it didn’t matter much anyways. She was ready to get out of Lilycove for good, and began packing right away.

    The night before she left, Nadia received another surprise, nearly as big as the first one. Henry showed up on her doorstep, a tiny package in his hand. Although he had lived right down the street, Nadia hadn’t seen him in a while, and was surprised to see that he had grown to be a handsome young man. The two walked down to the pier, where Henry gave Nadia a small parting gift, with instructions not to open it until she was on the ship. The two didn’t have much to say, but that sat together, looking out over the ocean for much of the night, until finally it was time to go. Henry hugged her, and with a tiny smile said, “Goodbye, Nellie.” It was a name she hadn’t been called for years: the same one he’d always used to call her when they were young. As she walked home that night, Nadia made a plan. She would start a new life, travelling around the world on a one month cruise. She would look for a job as well, under the stage name Nellie. She had no idea what was about to come, but she knew it would be the start of something great.


    Species: Wigglytuff
    Nickname: Rose

    Level: 34
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Cute Charm
    Moveset: Pound, Sing, Round, Gravity, Doubleslap

    Personality: Rose is the perfect match for Nadia in terms of personality. Both can gossip and laugh about anything, and both share the same big dreams. Rose has a more bubbly personality than her trainer, and is constantly smiling and joking. However, when she needs to she can strap it down and be serious in order to protect Nadia.

    Short Bio: Rose was given to Nadia by her grandmother when she was ten, and the two have been inseparable ever since. Rose and Nadia travel together everywhere, and have become more than just a Pokemon and trainer. They are closer to each other than anyone else, and act more like sisters. The two have been on many adventures together around Lilycove, and although Rose cannot talk, Nadia knows just what she’s saying. They have worked out many performance techniques together, and are both waiting for a chance to show what they have.

    Species: Kirlia
    Nickname: Violet

    Level: 25
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Telepathy
    Moveset: Heal Pulse, Double Team, Psychic, Round

    Personality: Violet gets her name from her abnormal eye color, which is violet, of course. She is definitely not the friendliest of Pokemon; in fact, she is quite cold towards everyone around her, until she really gets to know you. She is a hardworking and dedicated performer, and has been the cause of many contest victories. Her strong suit is her ability to dance.

    Short Bio: Violet is the present Henry gave Nadia on the night before her departure, although Nadia doesn’t know this yet. She has only met Henry’s Kirlia a couple of times, since she joined Henry’s team only a bit before the two started to grow apart. Violet was a staple of Henry’s performing team, and was one of his closest Pokemon. His reasons for giving her to Nadia aren’t currently known.

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