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    Hey all,

    Interesting challenge, and then even more interest in the whole hacking debate. Personally, I see nothing wrong with hacking in a pokemon at low levels duing a game, I have done so myself for games I want to play but do not actually own (eg. Crystal, Emerald, Diamond). It's mostly just to try a game out with pokemon you normally wouldn't have the chance to do so with.

    But that's besides the point.

    I posted because I want to take this challenge. I've actually completed this multiple times on my Soul Silver cartridge with my Mamoswine (Maman) because I attach Exp Shares to the other pokemon in my party that I'm trying to train haha. I'll go through it again with no others in the team, and maybe even no Shell Bell held. Here is the moveset I use though:

    Maman the Mamoswine
    lvl 100
    Can't remember nature
    Earthquake/Avalanche/Ice Shard/Rock Slide

    I can actually defeat Red as well, but only if Blastoise crits from Earthquake/misses with Hydro Pump. I'll do a run through again when I have a moments and post up some pictures.

    Since my Soul Silver cartridge has a full pokedex of 493 (all legally obtained either from importing from old games/trading over wifi) I could potentially try and do this with almost any pokemon. So I reckon I'm going to do it again with Maman and then find some other pokemon to attempt it with.

    Anyway, mamoswineFTW (or as Myrrhman puts it sometimes, mamoswineWTF) out

    EDIT: Completed this challenge with Maman, my favourite Mamoswine. Tried on 4 separate occasions to go through without items, but Lance's Salamence followed by Gyarados, both with Intimidate, meant that at -2 Attack I just couldn't defeat him.

    I eventually just went for a run with items, and had little to no issue. Shell Bell was attached to mitigate what little damage I received during the run, and I only used 2 X.Attacks and 1 Hyper Potion during the fight against Lance. I've uploaded pics taken with my phone, apologies for the poor quality.

    Now I just need to choose a new pokemon to train up and then use. I'm considering a special attacker - any suggestions?
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