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    Hi. I'm new to this forum, I recently discovered my pokémon cards, looked some of em up, and were worth between 10 - 50 usd, might not be correct, so I'm going to ask here! I'm not going to bring up to many cards, just the ones I think are very rare.

    ( all cards are on 25% sale atm, that is, on the website so I included here what they would cost without the discount ) ( in case you check it up )
    - Charizard 3/110 made 2002 non holo

    - Tyranitar 12/75 holo 1995-2001
    On this card is 30 usd before discount.

    - Ho-oh holo 149/144 2003
    46.90 before discount on

    - Shining Noctowl 110/405 1995-2000
    30 usd before discount on

    - Shining Steelix 112/105 1995-2000
    50 usd before discount on

    - Kabutops 2003 150/144 holo
    About 60 usd before discount on

    - Flareon 2003 147/1432 holo
    40 usd before discount on

    - Light Dragonite 13/105 holo
    30 usd before discount on

    - Umbreon 2002 h29/h32 holo
    39 usd before discount on

    - Mux EX
    30 usd before discount on

    - Aggron EX?
    28 usd before discount on

    - Wailord
    20 usd I belive it was. Probably not.

    - Skarmory/lugia/ho-oh all non holo from Neo Revelation, but if these ones above is correct, these should be 15/20 usd each...?
    - As for Zapdos/Moltress, they're only worth like 10 usd? Or less...

    Oh and It might looks like I'm advertising pokeorder, I'm really not, I just want some confirmation .

    PS, the pictures might be laying down or something. And are not in the right order.

    Thanks in advance.
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