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The Primary Battlers League

Approved by Wolflare

Good evening, battlers of PokeCommunity, we are here with a brand new league that we are hoping will bring more activity to the PO server and add some unique fun to battling. This league in particular is the Primary Battlers League, and the battles take place on Pokecommunity's Pokemon Online server, if that wasn't already obvious.
When you join this league (and you will) you will be sorted into a house. You cannot change houses. The people in your house will be like your family, and you should treat them that way. You and your actions represent your house, and you have the unique ability to help your house gain or lose House Points. You can use your House Points to advance your team in renovating your house, or purchase some hard-earned goodies for yourself in your real Pokemon Game.
On behalf of the Primary Battlers League, we hope you enjoy your time and get the maximum fun out of the battles you partake in.
Any resemblance to Harry Potter is pure coincidence.

Sign Up

To sign up, there are two things to do. Fill out the sign up sheet, and complete a small questionnaire of five questions. After those two things are completed, your application will be processed and you will officially be a part of the PB League. When you finish signing up, you will not recieve a trainer card, but your name will be listed in your House, along with your statistics.

Sign Up Form
Name: [Name on the PokeCommunity Forums]
PO Name: [Name on the Pokemon Online PC Server]
Partner Pokemon: [The Pokemon you will always use in your battles, events excluded. So basically, the one Pokemon that never leaves your team.]
Trainer Sprite: [If you do not choose one it will be provided, BW Sprites only, no Gym Leaders from B2W2]

Signing up to be a Gym Leader
To be a Gym Leader, a monotype team is needed, and some dedication to the league. If you would like to be one. Just fill out the Gym Leader Sign Up form. If you wish to become a Gym Leader you will be sorted into the Gym Gathering House (as well as your current house if you already have one. Sometimes it may be difficult to battle someone due to Timezones and such. To remedy this, there will be a position of two leaders per badge, each with the same rules, same type, but not necessarily the same team. There is a separate sign up form for Gym Leaders, and it is below. Holy crap that is confusing, let us shorten it a little.
- Fill out the Gym Leader Form
- Your Partner Pokemon does not need to be in this team, a Gym Team can be a completely different one to the one you use to battle in your Houses.
- You may also fill out the House Sign Up form and PM Primary Spectrum the questionnaire so you may be a Gym Leader and in a House.
- The type you pick will be matched sprite and badge wise to the B2W2 counterpart.

Gym Leader Sign Up Form
[Explained in above form]
PO Name: [Explained in above form]
Type: [The type of your Pokemon, e.g. - The available ones]
Rules: [No Entry Hazards, No Weather, etc]
Time Zone: [Preferably give it in GMT]

Available Types


The questionnaire is a small 4 question survey to help us place people into their proper houses. The questions should be PM'd to Primary Spectrum, and your answers should not be posted here in this thread. In the questionnaire, you may only pick one of the three possible answers. If more than one applies to you, pick the most appropriate. When you finish and PM Primary Spectrum, your reply will be given as soon as possible and you will be sorted into your most fitting group. For the hypothetical, just imagine you're in the situation, don't worry if you don't go to school or the like.

So, just to recap:
- PM your questionnaire to Primary Spectrum
- Do not PM your sign up, that goes in this thread
- Do not post your questionnaire answers here (or anywhere else except Primary Spectrum's PM)
- Only pick one answer from the three possible ones
What is your favourite colour?

Someone you don't like calls you an insulting word, do you:
Laugh it off, their opinions don't matter
Get hotheaded and angrily retort
Completely ignore them

You see someone steals your friend's bag. You see the perpetrator and they begin to drive away in their car. Do you:
Copy down license plate number
Give chase in your own car
Call Police and console victim

You have to complete a group project for school with people you do not know, you:
Become the leader and direct the group to what they have to do
Take it as an opportunity to make friends
Let others do what they want, but help out when you have to

Pokemon Online

Pokemon Online, for those of you who draw a complete blank when they hear that title, is a free downloadable battle simulator which allows people to create and battle with teams using solely their internet and computer/laptop. It is incredibly convenient because no DS or Pokemon game is needed, and you can freely test out any kind of Pokemon, and the rules are already set in the system, so trying to cheat will simply result in a loss. To download Pokemon Online, go to this site, and then follow the prompts. Once downloaded, complete the setup and load PO. After that is done, click Team Builder on the menu and create a team of your choice (including your Partner Pokemon).
After that is finished, click Go Online, and then place in the advanced connection box. After that just click Advanced Connection. Then you will enter the server and you will be ready to begin your battles.


The rules are simply but plenty, so you can have maximum fun in the league without much anarchy. These rules must be followed, and if anyone is caught breaking them punishment will follow. Please make sure you read these thoroughly before joining.

♠ All PokeCommunity Rules apply in this thread.
♠ If points have been miscalculated, kindly inform those involved and the problem will be resolved ASAP
♠ You may battle the same person a maximum of three times per day to avoid point-pooling.
♠ Be humble in defeat, but also victory.
♠ All battles must use Pokemon in accordance to the rules here
♠ All matches will be played on PC's Pokemon Online Server, unless it is down. If the server is down confirm a different location with your opponent.
♠ For battles to count, both battlers must post with the results. To do this, the winner posts first, stating who the battle was against with the remaining
Pokemon count (e.g. I beat Impo, 3-0).
♠ Absotively Posolutely no cheating of any type.
♠ You must always have your Partner Pokemon in your team when you battle, except for events.
♠ Have fun and worship your house leaders


Princelegendario of DeviantArt - The building sprites
Vaporeon7 and Forever - Support