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Originally Posted by Dehx View Post
Hi. I'm new to this forum, I recently discovered my pokémon cards, looked some of em up, and were worth between 10 - 50 usd, might not be correct, so I'm going to ask here! :) I'm not going to bring up to many cards, just the ones I think are very rare.

( all cards are on 25% sale atm, that is, on the website so I included here what they would cost without the discount ) ( in case you check it up :P )
- Charizard 3/110 made 2002 non holo

- Tyranitar 12/75 holo 1995-2001
On this card is 30 usd before discount.

- Ho-oh holo 149/144 2003
46.90 before discount on

- Shining Noctowl 110/405 1995-2000
30 usd before discount on

- Shining Steelix 112/105 1995-2000
50 usd before discount on

- Kabutops 2003 150/144 holo
About 60 usd before discount on

- Flareon 2003 147/1432 holo
40 usd before discount on

- Light Dragonite 13/105 holo
30 usd before discount on

- Umbreon 2002 h29/h32 holo
39 usd before discount on

- Mux EX
30 usd before discount on

- Aggron EX?
28 usd before discount on

- Wailord
20 usd I belive it was. Probably not.

- Skarmory/lugia/ho-oh all non holo from Neo Revelation, but if these ones above is correct, these should be 15/20 usd each...?
- As for Zapdos/Moltress, they're only worth like 10 usd? Or less...

Oh and It might looks like I'm advertising pokeorder, I'm really not, I just want some confirmation :).

PS, the pictures might be laying down or something. And are not in the right order.

Thanks in advance.
I'd check out prices on those at Troll and Toad. Generally, they don't have sales on singles, and their prices are generally market value.
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