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    Pokemon Olive Green Version

    The main focus of this hack is choice. Choice in a way where the ending will be the same for everyone (Maybe minor changes) but the quest will have many options. The best example is having a choice to battle a gym leader before or after a team rocket event, both choices have their benefits and downsides. However there will be more black and white choices as well, allowing this game to have a sort of "karma" system. As of now, this system has yet to be implemented.

    You’re sitting in your cabin on your way home when suddenly the ship begins to shake! You exit to see what is going on, to find Professor Cypress telling you a tentacruel is attacking to ship. She gives you a pokemon and you’re sent to the nearest town via bird pokemon to get help. Upon arriving, you meet a boy who tells you a league champion from many years ago is training in the mountain nearby. Lance agrees to take as many flying pokemon as he can to ferry the ship passengers to the city. After a talk with the professor and your mother, you set out on your pokemon journey along side your new friend. With in the forest nearby, you over hear two rocket grunts talking about the mind control device they’ve developed to make a tentacruel attack a passenger ship. Then also debate if it’s powerful enough to control a legendary pokemon. Upon entering the town containing the first gym, the gym leader gives you an option to battle her before or after you handle the team rocket event. If you choose to battle her before, the battle is much easier, but the reward tm is lacking. If you wait until after dealing with the rockets, the battle is much more difficult, but the reward is all the more sweet. The safari owner gives team rocket their next step to finding the legendaries they seek, which are jirachi and celebi. Their plan is to either go back in time using celebi to stop Red from defeating team rocket all those years ago, or use jirachi to wish Red had never been born. While collecting the 8 badges, you travel across the region, attempting to stall team rocket when ever you see them, and eventually becoming the league champion, and keeping the past from being altered.


    I'm new to this and didn't make much of an effort to write down the names of the creators of the tiles. All the tiles were public, I know this for a fact, however I can not remember the names of everyone. If you see a tile that is yours or was created by someone you recognize, and they're not listed above, please send me a message and I will add you to the credits as soon as possible.

    No download link as of yet. Still ironing out some bugs before an first beta can be released.

    Thank you! Keep an eye out, more information coming soon!


    July 2nd, 2012
    Changed the pallet, Huge thanks to teejermiester for the suggestions
    I personally think the pallet I've changed it to is a bit dark, but that may be because I'm so used to how light it used to be. I'll leave it as is and see how I feel about it as time goes on. Please feel free to let me know what you think!
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