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    Here, is the Staff Sanctuary. This is where you can find details on who is responsible for what, as well as applying to help the League as well.


    The owner of the prestigious Primary Battlers League was formerly Impo, but now he has teamed together with Requility in order to give the league easier maintenance and quicker updates.
    Thus, a joint account named Primary Spectrum was created, and it is accessible to those dominant in assisting the League.


    Next in the staff hierarchy are the maintenance workers. The maintenance workers are very important, as they record and verify battles that have taken place. The tasks maintenance workers must do includes updating the thread with any relevant information, and checking and resolving any grammatical, spelling, or archiving errors. It may not seem like much, but it is a role that news to be fulfilled continuously. Please give respect to these people, as it is easy to make errors, and you'd look rather pathetic trying to flame them.

    Positions Filled: 1/2 [DragonOmega]
    Positions Open: 1/2


    Security are the people who manage and control the thread - namely, they make sure the rules are followed. If any rules are breached, they have the power to hand out infractions and even ban players. It shall be made clear that any infraction or ban given in this thread does not have any affect to any thread but this one.

    Positions Filled: 0/2
    Positions Open: 2/2


    Breeders will be the main source of Pokemon for the Point Shop. Breeders are responsible for breeding special or valuable Pokemon for the Point Shop or special events, as well as trading them to the respective person who wants them (a Trader may be opened if that is too hard). Their Pokemon will vary, but their legitimacy will be truthful - any hacks will be refunded completely with harsh consequences for the guilty party.

    Positions Filled: 0/3
    Positions Open: 3/3


    Designers will have the task of creating and maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the League - such as (but not limited to) css and graphics. Plagiarism will not be tolerated, but credit will be given for all the pieces submitted. High quality and well practised people are sought, but we'll take what we're given if it's good enough.

    Positions Filled: 0/2
    Positions Open: 2/2


    Events have a rather simple job - which is to think of and execute event ideas. They will be responsible for mapping out everything and ensuring that it is completed with competence. That's it, really.

    Positions Filled: 0/2
    Positions Open: 2/2

    Applying for a Position

    If you are interested in helping the League, it's really quite simple and informal. Just drop Primary Spectrum a PM, stating what position you would like, and possibly any evidence to suggest you are able to help efficiently, and your application will be taken into consideration.

    Something we would like to include as soon as possible is the Point Shop. If anyone has any good Pokemon they would like to donate, please contact Primary Spectrum. Credit and in-league rewards will be given.