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    George Edmunds

    George was at a loss as to where to go. He ended up walking slowly behind the group leaving enough distance so as not to interfere with their conversations as they walked. He was hungry and his old method of "winging it" when he wasnt sure where to go was not going to work in the middle of a forest or would at least take much more time than needed. He adopted the "Follow others until you end up somewhere you recognise" strategy instead. Jack had left for an early night and George had caught himself feeling a little relieved at this. It wasnt that he didnt like the boy. George could see them getting on if they both opened up and were in the right mood but after such an awkward conversation it'd be best to leave it and try again tomorrow.

    "Looks like it's pokemon centre and then food.." he thought. "Well I'm sure Danielle wont be long healing up. Time to see what the grub is like in this place! I can grab a bite and see what the time is like when i finish. Will decide what to do next then."

    Aber, Kane and Uhuru were lagging even further behind. This wasnt because they were particularly tired or lazy but rather Aber had devised a new game. She would run ahead and climb a tree or rock and lie in wait. As the other two walked along looking for her she would leap out and tackle them to the ground. The Buizel always did have an odd idea of fun. George had noticed this but left the two pokemon to sort her out.

    They arrived at the Pokemon Centre and the two girls entered. He hadnt seen if the boy had walked in or not but assumed he had followed the others inside. George slumped down outside and his pokemon ran up for some attention.
    "Well guys. I can see the academy from here i think...or maybe not. But i know the rough direction. Just wish i'd paid attention when i was wandering towards town earlier. I'm sure we'll learn our way about soon enough."
    He got up and looked to try to pick up any hints as to where to go.
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