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    Isaac & Orion

    Cracks appeared under Jakio and then Raizer erupted from the ground beneath him. Raizer crashed into Jakio then switched to a sumersult roll to recover from the impact.

    "Raizer repeat that." Isaac said.

    Raizer did as he was told and replicated his roll again.

    "oh sorry. new tricks." Isaac said realizing this was a battle.

    "Not a problem. For me. Jakio Dragon claw." Orion ordered.

    Jakio rushed Raizer who was just landing his roll. Jakio's claws glows a deep purple and emited powerful energy as he slashed down at Raizer. The attack struck Raizer right on the head and raked down across his face. Isaac's Quilava recoiled and held a paw over the wound as though it was now protected.

    "Raizer! urgggg... Raizer dig-dug!" Isaac said having been thrown off by the power of Jakio's last move.

    Raizer obeyed and burrowed rapidly. He then popped up behind Jakio, and peppered him with embers.

    "Qui qui hava hav hav" 'take this! Ha ha ha!' Raizer laugeh then dove back into his hole.

    Raizer repeated the trick popping up out of six different holes.

    "Jakio concentrate." Orion yelled.

    "Char HAr!" 'I AM!' Jakio growled.

    Raizer popper up behind Jakio again and nailed him int he back of the head.

    "CHar MELEON! 'That's it!' Jakio roared.

    Jakio spun around using his flamethrower to cover the field in fire.
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