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I cannot play right now, due to my studies. I request that my challenge be put on hold until I can post my new updates. Anyway, these are the only thing I'd done after beating Weakling Four:

-Found out that the program hasn't edited yet Magneton's evolution so I edited it personally and promptly evolved Magneto Jr to Magnezone.
-Called by Baoba and tried the Object thingy in the Safari Zone.
-Rode the ship and kicked the passengers' collective ugly faces.
-What? A girl wants to play hide and seek with me? I'm not a kid anymore, ain't I?
-Got off the ship and kicked my way into Vermilion City.
-A Pokemon on the water? Oh, it's the wild dog.
-Got frustrated that Baoba didn't called me again. I need more items! I still need to capture a Riolu!
-What's better? A Bronzong or a Metagross?