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Originally Posted by Raveness View Post
I love to rp, but anytime I find one I like to join it is already full. Any tips?
Well Danger on the S.S. Anne has a few spaces left at the moment RPs do tend to fill up quite quickly at the moment. Especially those with only a few spaces in the first place.

Originally Posted by fortworth96 View Post
Would anyone be interested in an RP where you are a human in control of a dragon? I'll post more details once I get the plot more organized.
Hmm I think more details are needed! Could work pretty well though, as long as the dragons can all be quite different to each other and there's a sound story around them.

How do you create your characters? Do you base them off something? Do you get a appearance set then work off that? Etc.

I tend to base my characters of one trait or profession, but try to warp them to make them less predictable. Try to break some stereotypes without overdoing it. I prefer to think about original appearances, although sometimes I may base a face/hair off an image so it's easier for myself and others to picture them. I like creating their own clothing though to match their personality.[/SIZE]