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    Originally Posted by giradialkia View Post
    This looks like a pretty interesting hack! I quite like when a hack can combine new graphics with the older/default ones. I LOVE the tall-grass tiles, and I also love the screen that shows you picking one of three eggs. I'm just caught up in the screens, they're all so cool XD
    One small thing on the graphics front:

    In this screen, at first I thought it had a few tile errors, but it's just the shading of the tiles- I think you should consider adding a darker outline to the platforms and bridges so that they stand out more from the rock/ground tiles.

    The story is very original and looks quite promising, in my opinion. In general it looks like you've made a great start on this hack, and I can't wait to see more! Keep up the great work!
    The platform and bridges pallet was something that got altered when i had to dedicate a colour from to pallet to something else. They looked way better before, trying to find a good look that has contrast in the outline is something I'm activlely trying to improve. I'll do my best to make it easier on the eyes =)
    thanks for the comment!

    Originally Posted by MidnightShine View Post
    This lookz AWESOME!!! The starters are great, the screenshots look promising & the plot is fantastic.

    But like Giradialkia, mod of Emulation said, the planks & tree can have a darker outline. But the others are A-OK.

    Good luck.

    P.S: Mind if I made a userbar?

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    ah yes, the tree. I'm not so happy with that one either, I'll likely replace that tile entirely when I find something that fit's a lot better.
    Also, what's a userbar? I'm new around here =P
    Thanks for the suggestions!

    Originally Posted by Tcoppy View Post
    I love this hack, it has a very good mix of tiles, the karma system sounds great, and I just love the storyline in general.

    Where did you get the Dragonite statue? I love these types of statues of pokemon added in hacks, they look amazing.

    Also, about how Team Rocket can get either Celebi or Jirachi, do the players choices come down to what legendary pokemon they get?

    Keep up the good work! I'll be checking back on this hack later.

    The statue is something I made myself. I simply took the heart gold/ soul silver sprite, recoloured it to be grey, and attempted to draw in a stand of sorts. I'm quite happy with the appearance, and I can do it for any pokemon as well. I'm glad you like it! I'll litter some more around the hack, here and there where I see fit.

    Also, as far as the celebi/ jirachi event. my plans are to have them capturing both at 2 locations, and the player picks to go save one. The other is captured, and the player will be tasked with rescuing him from their headquarters.

    Thank you for commenting! I hope that clears some things up.
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