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    His idea was taken into consideration, leaving Hanso to observe the surroundings again. Now that he needed to find a hiding place where the Thieves wouldn't find him, he looked at some of the other trees along the forest's edge. The one he'd found was still the best, so he would need to get to his branch without notice.
    And trust that I can hear someone trying to sneak up on me, he thought, watching Roswell and the other Pokemon appear. He doubted that the ambush would go so wrong, but he could think of one Thief who may not mind taking him down. That Marowak from the earlier battle had been angry, after all.

    Hanso's attention wandered to the digging as he listened to the conversation. Soon, Vigil said, "I guess we'd better get going then?"

    "Alright, yeah, we can head out." Penance said. "We all need a good night's sleep to make sure we're at top condition."

    Hanso looked over as Calamity walked over. "You still have the village still in your mind? Well, I guess it's not something someone can easily forget." He said to him, smirking.

    "Yes, I remember," Hanso replied, bringing his first image of the village to the front of his mind.

    As he was ready to teleport the Gold Tribe-- "You all go ahead. We won't be long." Defender told them. Dark Lightning nodded and headed off with the others.

    "Alright, but hurry it up! I'm getting hungry again." Lyn said, impatient.

    Hanso sighed. Looking back, it felt good to not be so impatient. He brought the village's image to his mind's front again, then looked around at the group. I wonder if our sudden appearance will set off something, he thought, his eyes glowing blue as he teleported the majority of the Gold Tribe back to the village's entrance. Zane, Penance, and Noctus were left.