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    Black Restart Day 6 Part 1:
    After I defeated Clay I was about to exit town when Bianca came and challenged me. I won. After that I ran through Route 6. I defeated all the trainers and got every item and I caught a Deerling,a Karrablast,and a Foongus. After that,a nice family let me heal my pokemon up before I went into Chargestone Cave. Then Clay met me and he cleared out a web that was blockng the way then he gave the Bulldoze TM. Which I got to say is a very powerful move if used right. Once I entered N talked to me and he called me the chosen one. After that I met Juniper and Bianca and the cave and they were telling me about some pokemon. After that I went into the cave deeper. I battled every trained I seen and the I met a group called the Shadow Traid as I was about to cross a bridge and they told me that Team Plasma was waiting for me down on the next floor. I went town and before I got to Plasma I met a Doctor who battled me then agreed to heal my pokemon. The I battled the chain of Plasma Grunts. As I did that,I managed to catch a Klink,Ferroseed,Joltik,and a Tynamo. I plan on training the Joltik and Tynamo for the next gym. Finaly I got to the end and N challenged me. I won once more. Then Bianca and Juniper met me and they met N. N got mad at Juniper then stormed off. Juniper and Bianca went back into the cave and I went out. I took a small break at the pokemon center them went north and met Juniper's father and Skyla. Juniper's father upgraded my Pokedex and Skyla said she had to go check on a pokemon she seen on the Celestial Tower........finaly I get to catch a few ghost types.

    Current Team:
    Boldore Lv 29
    Dewott Lv 33
    Rufflet Lv 32
    Zebstrika Lv 31
    Growlithe Lv 34
    Vanillite Lv 31

    Stand Bys:
    Lucario: Lv 31
    Grovyle: Lv 30
    Krokorok: Lv 30
    Palpitoad: Lv 30
    Joltik: Lv 27
    Tynamo: Lv 27