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Originally Posted by dracoflare View Post
Eh, I don't know if you'll check this thread after a month or something, but I wanted to post something for myself and I felt it is wrong for me to post while no one answered your request yet, so.....
I don't know how helpful I would be but just throwing in my two cents.

Do the characters have to be Hilda, Bianca and Cheren? I mean you can base them off these three but considering they are high priests in this they must be totally different.

Now this plot can be splendid, but at the same time if you can't convince how a high priestess, who is not supposed to and have not emotionally attached themselves to anyone fall in love with a random guy who protests the ritual which they treat it with utmost respect and all it could fail. But if you can create Hilda's character in such a way that it is possible, like maybe she acted like a rebel among the priestesses when she was a child but was then forced or something like that you can convince in making her fall in love with the hero.

So first and foremost I think you need to develop Hilda's character rather well.
And now let's go to Cheren. He is a priest, and it is fine with a priest doing research(anime do that a lot, IDK about irl priest though). Then why would he give a suggestion as stupid(in a priest's eyes) as taming the dragons itself?

If someone like Cheren got that idea itself won't the people who made the ritual or the people who wanted the inhuman ritual for hundreds(possible eh?) of years?

As a writer you need to fill these holes if you want your characters with that particular background/ Instead you can introduce Cheren as a casual guy who is friends(?) with Hilda.
I saw this post, and thanks for your input. I guess it's time for me add more stuff to the "character development" list. Eh, I have notes for a reason.
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