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    @ Raghavendraxxx

    Can't exactly say a specific day, but it will be in July.

    Although he won't appear in the beta that's soon to be released, if anyone is interested or knows how to make Yami Yugi(or little Yugi, doesn't matter) OWs, please PM me. I created one but it's not perfect & I know I'll hear complaints if I insert the one I currently have. So if you're good at spriting or already have Yugi sprites available, please inform me. I only need standing/walking sprites(0-8) & it would help if they're already ready to be inserted into Overworld Editor/NSE. Thanks!
    I can't wait to release the beta. It's really fun to play, challenging, & funny with a very good storyline. It may be done even faster now as I may take over reinserting the scripts since I have more time available then my partner Tajaros at the moment.