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    Bug: Combee; love the design, and I just think it's adorable!
    Dark: Zorua; a unique take on a fox, and I love it!
    Dragon: Axew; cutie!
    Electric: Shinx; love the colors and the designs!
    Fighting: Mienfoo; looks like a graceful fighter!
    Fire: Growlithe; always been a fan!
    Flying: Drifloon; cannot describe how much I love this Pokémon!
    Ghost: Mismagius; don't shoot me for mentioning Digimon, but it reminds me of Wizardmon!
    Grass: Lilligant; stunningly beautiful!
    Ground: Phanpy; totally in love with this one!
    Ice: Cubchoo; love polar bears!
    Normal: Girafarig; love giraffes!
    Poison: Nidorina; cutie!
    Psychic: Spoink; best pig Pokémon ever!
    Rock: Lunatone; love the moon!
    Steel: Aron; cutest steel Pokémon!
    Water: Starmie; always had a special place in my heart for this one!
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