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Made a little bit of progress in my Nuzlocke challenge

-Captured a Voltorb on Route 2
-Obtained Pansear which I lost pretty much straight away (I wasn't going to keep it past the first gym anyway)
-Defeated the 1st Gym Leader
-Defeated the Plasma Grunts at the Dream Yard
-Defeated more Plasma Grunts in Wellspring Cave
-Caught an Exeggcute but lost Voltorb in the process

My Team

Swampy (Marshtomp) Lv17
Rocky (Rhyperior) Lv16
Egg Man (Exeggcute) Lv13


Pansear Lv10
Voltorb Lv16


Reached Pinwheel forest after defeating Lenora, lost Rocky (Rhyperior) to the first double battle in the forest, I also caught a Raticate earlier which I named Tutti after one of my gerbils.


Swampy (Marshtomp) Lv22
Egg Man (Exeggcute) Lv22
Tutti (Raticate) Lv22


Pansear Lv10
Voltorb Lv16
Rhyperior Lv22 (Biggest mistake so far)
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