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    Bug: Crustle; don't really understand the point of this Pokémon
    Dark: Hydreigon; just think they could've stopped at Zweilous
    Dragon: Druddigon; its head doesn't match its body
    Electric: Magnezone; dorky and unnecessary
    Fighting: Conkeldurr; could've stopped after Gurdurr
    Fire: Heatmor; its nose scares me
    Flying: Gliscor; didn't need to evolve Gligar
    Ghost: Dusknoir; not bad, just not my favorite
    Grass: Tangrowth; really didn't need to evolve Tangela
    Ground: Stunfisk; don't get it
    Ice: Froslass; this one isn't necessary either
    Normal: Togekiss; could've stopped after Togetic
    Poison: Garbodor; garbage is fine inspiration, but need a better design
    Psychic: Beheeyem; really don't understand this one
    Rock: Graveler; never liked this one
    Steel: Steelix; absolutely did not need to evolve Onix
    Water: Basculin; random, unnecessary fish
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