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    Here is yet another update on the Platinum Ground Challenge! This will (hopefully) be the second-to-last one before moving on to Unova!

    - Rescued Dawn's Pokedex from that pesky team Galactic.
    - Grinded on down to Pastoria City, finding items along the beach (HEART SCALES)
    - Taught Thunder Fang to Gliscor, Wood Hammer to Torterra
    - Went in and beat Crasher Wake fairly easily. Gliscor and Torterra were handy with their newly learned moves
    - Chased that annoying Galactic Grunt all over the place.
    - Grinded through the routes from Pastoria to Hearthome, and then from Solaceon to Celestic.
    - Beat Cyrus in Celestic Town, and followed Cynthia's orders to head to Canalave City.
    - Beat Barry and cleared Iron Island.
    - Beat Byron in the sixth gym. This one was probably the easiest yet - Gastrodon swept through with Surf and Mud Bomb.
    - Went to Lake Valor and dispatched of Saturn; beat Mars at Lake Verity
    - Grinded on through to Snowpoint City
    - Beating Candice... This was ridiculously hard. Rhydon took care of Sneasel with Hammer Arm and got a hit in on Abomasnow when its Focus Blast (...) missed. Gliscor finished it off, and then Gastrodon took care of Froslass and Piloswine with Surf. Had to revive Gastrodon in the middle though.. This battle took me about five tries to finish. That Froslass is way faster than I thought, and Blizzard is 100% accurate after Abomasnow comes in...

    So, it's off to Lake Acuity to deal with more Team Galactic!

    Team: Rhydon, Gliscor, Torterra, Gastrodon, Gabite (All at Lv. 42-44)