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    Tim Korinal

    "You're injured; of course we'd get someone to heal you." Tim suspected that the two must have come from somewhere really rough if they were actually suspicious about a medic. "Actually there is something I have in mind. We -- uh, the kids behind me and me -- are planning on getting the adults out of Eterna City. We're a lot stronger than them even with just us, but we could use all the help we can get." It took a moment for Tim to realize that he probably sounded like a looney, but then he noticed that a lot of the kids at Children's were crazier than him.

    Most all of them seemed to just ignore the existence -- and threat -- of the adults (aside from the kid who threw all the adults out of Hearthome City). Yeah, they'd be adults soon enough, but Tim'd never be like them. And the grown-ups right now wanna kill or enslave the kids. Along with their goals, they had the power of sheer numbers and the ability to improvise weapons that most kids couldn't think of unless they were super-smart or something.

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