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Lincoln had found himself at a loose end, wandering aimlessly for quite some time now. There wasn't a great deal of the day left to play around with, robbing him of the sense of boundless freedom he had enjoyed at the start of the day. All in all he had enjoyed his first full day on the island, overlooking his first real battle resulting in his first real loss. But he had also enjoyed victory, and caught his first wild pokemon. Siege was going to be an awesome addition to his team, even if his dad had sort of made him jump through hoops to get him. Would he have to reach more goals, more targets, if he wanted pokeballs to catch more pokemon in the future? Winning one battle hadn't been too crazy a request, but what if it became ten? Or a hundred? Although he hoped to have that many victories under his belt someday it seemed so implausible to do it quickly... he'd have to talk to his pops about it either tonight or in the morning.

But for now, what to do with the rest of his day? It seemed too late to try and search out another trainer for a battle, but he still wanted to put Siege through his paces and see what the Geodude could do. They would have to settle with training for now, so they could be better prepared for their next opponent. With that in mind he set off for the Academy gym.

Once there he found some unclaimed free weights and took off his outer layers, leaving his top half clad in a black vest. He was considerably broad and muscular for his age and it was almost all in thanks to training just like this with his pokemon. He released Siege from his pokeball, the rambunctious Geodude immediately striking body-building poses.

"Heh, alright Siege, settle down bro. We're gonna get into some serious trainin' here, so grab some weights and do like I do, yeah?"
"Geo." Siege nodded... or rather, bobbed in the air. He was pretty much all head after all.

Linc grabbed a set of dumb bells and performed a few simple curls to give Siege the general idea. It wasn't long before Siege was enthusiastically joining in, thoroughly enjoying the training without thinking about how it would aid his attack power.

Nika Valentine

Nika looked across the battlefield to her opponent, a younger boy from the supposedly incompetent Raikou dorm. He had red hair and the signature yellow jacket that marked him out, though why he would want to be so obviously associated with a group considered inferior as trainers was beyond her. Nevertheless, she wouldn't allow herself to be embaressed just because she failed to take an opponent seriously. Her Yanma was already on the field, buzzing around in circles and chattering to itself. Hopefully it would be able to maintain focus throughout the battle...

"Okay - so, you're using a... uh, bug type. Uh. I guess that means I should use my fire type?"

The boy paused as though waiting for answer from her, as though she was here to help him defeat her... perhaps what she had heard about the Raikou Dorm was true. If they were all as hopeless as this boy it was a wonder they weren't tripping over their own pokeballs. She stared at the boy through her glasses, waiting for him to make a decision.

"Er... okay," he carried on. "Fire type then. I CHOOSE YOU CHARMANDER!"

Dramatically he pulled one of his pokeballs out of his jacket and hurled it onto the battlefield, a cheerful looking Charmander popping out of it and capering onto the field.


The boys patently absurd enthusiasm threw Nika off guard, startling her and losing her the advantage of Yanma's speed. The Charmander whipped its tail, flinging a number of small flames towards Yanma. It would be super effective if she allowed it to hit.

"Yanma. Detect."

The dragonfly pokemons lensed eyes flashed briefly and it continued its seemingly random buzzing about, taking it out of the path of each flame seemingly at random.

"Double team." She commanded, her Yanma leaving after images of itself across the field as it began to fly across its full length and breadth, seeming to pick up speed as the battle continued.

"Stop that. You're embaressing yourself."

Charmander enthusiastically leapt forward, scratching its small claws towards one of the several Yanma now on the field. The attack passed straight through and the image faded, leaving the salamander pokemon looking very confused.

"Quick attack. Tackle."

The multiple Yanma all veered towards Charmander, soaring rapidly towards it. At the last moment the illusionary copies veered off, leaving the real one to ram head-on into Charmander, knocking it to the ground. Now fully utilising his speed Yanma quickly dived in and tackled Charmander one more time before flying off to join its fake counterparts.

"Uh... we quit." The boy said, walking over to his struggling Charmander.
"Pardon? You quit? We've barely started."
"Sorry... you're just way too strong. And scary." He called Charmander back to its pokeball. "You win, I guess..."

Disgusted with the outcome of Yanma's first battle she recalled him back to his Dusk Ball and turned away. Encouraging as it was that Yanma was an able and effective battler she felt she had gained nothing by testing herself against such a weak opponent.

Jackson (Male Shieldon) Lvl 24: Toxic, Sandstorm, Protect, Iron Head, Stealth Rock, Dig
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Ability: Rock Head
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