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    Penance 'Defender' Malum

    Penance saw the others teleport back and he turned to Vigil, "Come on, walk with me Vigil." He pointed off to some trees and turned to Noctus, "Don't follow." He began to walk off with his brother and led him some way so that they could still see the area where the volunteers were busy in but were far away that they couldn't be heard. "Alright.... I need to come clean about something." He frowned and rubbed the back of his neck, "You know how I'm able to make all of these great plans? How I just seem to get everything together...." He leaned against a tree, "I.... figured that out in a strange way."

    He sighed and crossed his arms, "When my mom passed.... I was mostly left alone. My dad was there, but only when he could be, he was always so... busy with the alliance and.... not there." He closed his eyes, "He never knew when I would sneak out of the house, just wander the streets. I could spend a whole lot of time out there and the few times he was home I just said I was still getting over it. One day I was out... and... I came across some.... others. They were friend enough, pokemon my age." He chuckled, "I started hanging out with them. We went places, saw different things around the city in a new light. When I became comfortable enough they invited me to their place. I met more of their friends and from there it skyrocketed. Suddenly... I was doing... things."

    He looked away, "I won't bore you with the specific details but I fell into some serious stuff. It was during one of my.... activities that I was in a briefing for the first time. Most of the time I was just sent out with the plan already established. I... saw all of these flaws and I just spoke up. I said what was wrong, how it could be made better, etc. There was just silence and everyone realized what had happened. I was tested for some time, and I always came up with brilliant plans. One of the plans... didn't go so well..." He sighed, "Luckily around that time I went to Eternity City. I had only spent a few years with those guys and never told them my real name. I just had a feeling not to. I just wanted to forget about it so I did. I left it behind, went on, and finally... here I am." He said with a shrug. "I guess... being back with thieves and low lifes... it just came back to me."

    He sighed, "So.... just needed to get that off of my chest. I know it's probably not the life most of Gold Tribe go through, but I guess I am unique. Anyway, we should head back. Get our rest." He got off of the tree and walked back over to Noctus, "Hey, we're ready to head back."