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    This will probably sounds like a very stupid question...

    *Deep Breath*

    I'm looking to join an RP. I used to get involved with tons when I was a regular poster here about 5 years ago, but the whole system seems to have changed. I've re-read the rules, and the huge thread on RP Etiquette, but the one thing I can't seem to work out is how to sign up, I've looked down pretty much the whole list (Excluding ones with tons of posts that are obviously filled up and well into production) But even the threads with 1-10 posts don't have the sign up sheet on the front page.

    I'm guessing I'm just confused cos back in the day when I was here more, an RP would begin on the same thread that had the sign ups at the beginning, whereas it looks to me now that once sign ups are complete they are deleted and the first post in the GM opening the story?

    Assuming this is correct, the only reason I can't find an RP to sign up for is because there currently aren't any xD

    But some clarification on this would be appreciated!
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