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    Full Name: Link James Hunter

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Hometown: Lavender Town


    Personality: Link is very short tempered, and for that reason he keeps himself to himself. There is no greater insult to him then stupidity, he doesn't like it, he doesn't have time for it, therefore he tries to stay as far away from it as possible. His worst trait? He hates pokemon, any and all, including his own; though this trait goes triple for water types. He does however love to battle, it's just about the only time you will get a smile out of him.

    Biography: Links story is an unfortunate one. He was originally born on Cinnabar Island where he was a very happy child; he lived with both his parents and was always surrounded by friends and the Pokemon that belonged to them, as well as those that wildly frequented the island. More special to him then any of these was a Sandshrew that had been caught and belonged to his brother Michael, who was 8 years older then his younger brother, and had travelled through many regions of the Pokemon world on his own journey, aiming to one day become a Pokemon master. He had caught the Sandshrew, but never having any real use for it in his team, left it at his parents house as he had noticed that Link had taken a liking to him.

    Link had never desired to go on a Pokemon journey, nor had he ambitions to become a Pokemon master. He was perfectly content to stay exactly where he was, all he needed was Sandshrew.

    When Link turned 16, a disaster occured;
    Link had finished his school day, and was on the beach of the island near the water where he was playing with Sandshrew. His mother called out that it was time for dinner, but Sandshrew with wide gleaming eyes and a smile had expressed a desire to stay and play in the sand, so Link had left him there.
    After dinner, Link returned what couldn't have been more then 15 minutes later, but instead of finding Sandshrew playing happily in the sand, he found only a Golduck and a Poliwhirl standing just where he had left Sandshrew. Link shouted at them, asking if they had seen a Sandshrew anywhere, upon which the two shared a look of amusement, and sneered at Link before both firing a powerful Hydro Pump at him, sending him crashing to the floor and knocking him out.
    When Link gained conscientiousness, being woken by his mother, Link immediately jumped to his feet and looked everywhere for Sandshrew, but he was gone...

    Link knew that the two water Pokemon must have had something to do with it, and spent every day of the next year searching for them, and Sandshrew, but to no avail.

    Link fell deeper and deeper into fear that he would never see Sandshrew again, that fear turned to anger and hate for all Pokemon, especially water types.
    When his brother returned home for a visit and heard the story, he advised Link to find another Sandshrew, but Link didn't want to know.

    Over the next two years things only got worse, his mother turned ill, his father lost his job, and his brother became more and more distant, his visits less frequent. It was decided that Link would be best to move in with his grandparents who lived in Lavender Town where he now resides.

    Now the owner of three Pokemon of his own, Link travels the Kanto region, training. He doesn't take on gym leaders, or enter competitions, he merely trains the three Pokemon he has, but the way he treats them is no better then the way he treats all Pokemon, with hate and disgust. So why does he travel the region, exploring the same places over and over again and making his Pokemon stronger? Who knows...



    Nickname None

    Gender: Male

    Ability: Insomnia

    Level 35

    Perish Song
    Double Team
    Faint Attack
    Wing Attack

    Short Bio: Murkrow was the first Pokemon Link ever actually caught, but it wasn't through fair battle. Link never begun a pokemon journey through traditional senses, so was never given a basic starting pokemon. After moving to Lavender Town Link spent a lot of time in Lavender Tower, looking at pokemon graves, and there had always been a Murkrow that perched itself high up on the bleachers, staring down. Whenever Link was there he noticed that the Murkrow would stare intently at him, and he could have sworn that sometimes at night when outside the tower, that Murkrow would follow him and look on from a distance.

    One night as Link was entering the tower, he found Murkrow lying on the floor just in front of the door, breathing, but motionless. After much consideration he picked him up, and took him back to Links grandparents house where he gave it water and food. Link wasn't sure exactly why he was doing this, after all, he hated Pokemon, and this stupid Murkrow was no exception, however he knew that if he wanted to catch more Pokemon then he would need somewhere to start, and this Mukrow already looked fairly strong, so; stealing an empty Pokeball of his Grandfathers, he threw it at the motionless Murkrow, who suddenly sprang to life, flying up and into the pokeball, being sucked into it in a flash of red light.
    The Pokeball did not shake at all upon capture, it was almost as if this was exactly what Murkrow wanted...


    Nickname None

    Gender: Male

    Ability: Sand Veil

    Level 30

    Thunder Fang
    Ice Fang
    Fire Fang

    Short Bio:
    After moving to Lavender Town, Link was visited by his brother Michael who took him on a month long trip to various regions of the Pokemon world. During this time he visited the Hoenn region where he confronted Gliscor in a forest. Having previously ignored catching any other Pokemon, Link was fascinated by Gliscor and after engaging and beating it in battle with Murkrow, decided to catch the Gliscor. Twice the Pokemon escaped the pokeball and attempted to flee, but Link was persistent and sent Murkrow to follow it. After an hour long game of cat and mouse, Link succeeded in catching the stubborn Pokemon.

    I would like to make a plee for Gliscor to be able to to use ''Cut'' as a basic move in the category with things like ''Tackle'' etc. I believe it to be plausible considering its sharp claws.


    Nickname None

    Gender: Male


    Level 33

    Thunder Fang

    Short Bio:
    Similarly to how Link caught Gliscor. Krokodile was met by him when just a Sandile when visiting the Unova region. What attracted Link to the Sandile the most was that it was Sandile that picked a fight with him. At first Link sneered and ignored the Pokemon. But the Sandile proved to be just as stubborn and continued to show up and follow the trainer and his brother over the next two days, eventually forcing Link to admire its spunk, especially considering that at the time it was only a low level Pokemon, but this did not stop it from putting up a hell of a fight against Murkrow, but inevitably it lost, and Link decided to catch it.
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