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    This is the Last teaser Update before the beta releases next month. For those who feel these are spoilers, don't worry. The beta is so big, everything that's been posted thus far & now is only small portions of events that'll occur.

    (Thanks again to Kyle_649 for the Kyurem Sprite.)

    (Thanks again to Kyle_649 for the Kyurem White/Black Sprites.)

    It may seem the story is based on Kyurem & Sydney...It's not. I said before that each main character has their own specific story in the hack that the player will have to go through as they progress in the game. To put it simple, you'll mostly be playing to solve the main quest in the game, but as you meet some of the main characters, their stories will eventually twist into the main events that are happening in the player's adventure.

    Also, here's the finalized look for the main characters I posted previously. (The Heroine is still in the works.) Thanks to Tajaros for these!






    I'll be changing the OWs to match each of them starting now. The gameplay pictures above have the OWs from the previous sprites shown. Not the finalized ones.