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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
Elesa with Stunfisk however is WTF worthy. It is no way an appealing Pokemon for a top class Model to have....

Blain with Random Rotom Heat. What?

Wattson with Washer Rotom?! What? THEN trades out for the Pompom Rabbit twins....LAME

All three Rock Gym Leaders have a Relicanth...WTH?! Much better choices than Relicanth.
Well Xander, I was kinda disappointed with most of the teams.

Cheren with a Castform? What were they thinking?

Tauros doesn't really suit Whitney since she mostly uses feminine-looking Pokemon. Well, she still has some feminine-looking Normal-types (Wigglytuff, Clefable, Blissey, Ambipom, Lopunny and the obvious Miltank)

Also, most of the Water, Fire and Grass specialists have a fully-evolved starter from their region on their team. Red has all the Kanto starters plus his obvious Pikachu. Maylene even has an Infernape.

And I totally agree on the whole Rock Gym Leader with Relicanth thing... there are much better Rock-types than that.

Another disappointment was all the Dragon and Ice Gym Leaders' two teams having the exact same Pokemon. Not to mention that all the Ghost Gym Leaders have both their teams with an almost identical lineup except one Pokemon.
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