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    The only Pokemon so far I have planned are:

    Serperior is awesome and personally my favorite starter in the Unova region.

    Arcanine is one of my favorite Fire-types and is finally available in the Unova region! Plus he can learn Outrage now so that's is pretty cool. (Well Growlithe can)

    Electivire has a lot of type coverage and a great Electric-type. Also I haven't used him in a play-through of a game so yeah.

    Braviary because I wanted to use him SOOOO BAD in White (yes, I'm getting White 2) but it was SOOOO LATE in the game to use him. Wait...what if that happens in this game....o well, guess it doesn't matter. This time I WILL use him.

    The two other members are currently not known (or more like not planned yet) but I WILL FIND THEM.

    That is all. O, and CAN'T WAIT UNTIL OCTOBER 7TH!!!

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