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Originally Posted by fortworth96 View Post
What I currently have planned for the dragon RP:

I'm probably going to call it Fargona, after the name of the world where it will take place. I'm still working on creating the world. Each person will start with at least one dragon (the max will probably be 3). Scattered about the land are arenas where people pit their dragons against each other in battles in which the winner is rewarded a prize, usually gold. The idea I'm currently working on for the plot is that someone is killing off dragon masters and stealing their dragons.

I have come up with a list of dragon species that will be in the RP. More may be added to this list. I am currently working on descriptions for each species:

If anyone still wants to know more, I'll add more when I'm further along in making the plot.
Hrrm. I like the idea of dragons, but the story at the moment seems like a bit of a cop out - since it's very much 'Pokémon-without-Pokémon'.

I think a dragon RP will work better with a deeper, original story - Dragons are often mythical and magical beings with almighty power. It may be interesting to go along that route - rather than having them battle each other pose them more as knights, battling the evil (perhaps sorcerors?) which seeks to take away the dragons.

It would be an interesting spin, since usually knights are the slayers of dragons rather than partners. I would say, again to make it less like Pokémon, each player should have strictly one dragon. That makes them rarer - why would anyone want to steal dragons when there seems to be loads?

Hope that made sense and gives a few things to think about :3.