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Originally Posted by SwiftSign View Post

Hrrm. I like the idea of dragons, but the story at the moment seems like a bit of a cop out - since it's very much 'Pokémon-without-Pokémon'.

I think a dragon RP will work better with a deeper, original story - Dragons are often mythical and magical beings with almighty power. It may be interesting to go along that route - rather than having them battle each other pose them more as knights, battling the evil (perhaps sorcerors?) which seeks to take away the dragons.

It would be an interesting spin, since usually knights are the slayers of dragons rather than partners. I would say, again to make it less like Pokémon, each player should have strictly one dragon. That makes them rarer - why would anyone want to steal dragons when there seems to be loads?

Hope that made sense and gives a few things to think about :3.
I was thinking about that, but if people only get one dragon each then the Fae would likely never get chosen because it's only about the size of a sparrow. But then again, it's still powerful, so I could probably change it to one dragon each... Dragons aren't supposed to be incredibly rare in this world, but I see your point about the arenas... It shouldn't be to hard to change.

What you said actually gave me an idea: Many humans can tame dragons, but only certain humans have the rare ability to create a bond with their first dragon. This causes their first dragon to listen to them without question, and the dragon and master can communicate with pictures and emotions, but not with actual words. Any other dragons must be tamed the normal way, which is much more difficult. Even fully trained dragons don't always listen to their masters.

If you still think it would work better with each person to only have one dragon, then I'll probably

Your question about why someone would steal dragons when there are so many is something I can't answer. It would give to much away~

To replace the arenas, dragon masters could instead be knights as you suggested, wandering adventurers, thieves, farmers.... anything, really. Dragons could easily have uses in many different occupations in medieval times.

One species I didn't think of adding before is Longma, which is rather silly as horses are my favorite animals and usually the first things I think of XD And the Kirin is also being added to the list of species.