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    Black Restart Day 6 Part 2
    So I went after Skyla,I battled all the trainers on Route 7 and I caught a Watchog. After that I went into Celestial Tower,I battled through all the trainers and caught a Litwicik.which is a freaky pokemon ever sense I seen the episode with Litwick in. I also caught a Elgyem. After that I talked to Skyla on top of the tower and she said I should ring the bell,so I did. She said come to the gym. When she left I flew back to town and did a complete sweap with Zebstrika. I did not use any other pokemon the entire time or battle with another. Zebstrika was awesome.

    Black Restart Day 7 Part 1:
    First day of Autum in game. After that I went up to Twist Mountain battleing all the trainers on the 2nd half of Route 7. Then Cheren challenged me to a battle. I won and my Grovyle evo'ed in Sceptile. Then Alder jumped down from the cliff and talked to us,once again Cheren complained. Alder gave us Surf HM. After that I got Dewott to learn surf and I flew back to Driftveil City with my Rufflet. I went up to Mistralton Cave to catch an Axew. In the process I also caught a Drilbur and a new Boldore. I love Dragon Pokemon. So after all that I flew back to Mistralton City. I went back through Route 7 and traded the man the newly caught Boldore for an Emolga and challenged the man that was right outside Twist Mountain. I easly won with Dewott which eveolved into Samurott. And now I am takeing a break.

    Current Team:
    Samurott Lv 36
    Sceptile Lv 36
    Lucario Lv 35
    Axew Lv 35
    Litwick Lv 35
    Growlithe Lv 36

    Black Restart Day 7 Part 2:
    At the start of Twist Mountain,I met with Cheren and Clay before heading deeper. Clay told us the Gym Leaders had a meeting about Team Plasma and he told us not to worry about it. I went through every trainer and picked up every item I could get to in Twist Mountain. I also caught a Cubchoo at the Ice Rock floor. My Vanillite evolved into a Vanillish and learned Ice Beam. But I took him off my team because of the next gym battle. I got close to the end when I ran into Cheren and he had just defeated a Plasma Grunt,of course Clay jinxed us. Another Plasma Grunt came in and said they found what they were looking for and left. Cheren wanted to stay in the Mountain for now to think about what Alder told him. I exited the mountain,thank god,and I ran into Prof. Juniper's father. He checked my pokemon and said they had grown attached to me. He also told me about the Dragonspiral Tower. After that I went to the Poke Ceneter and got Blizzard,Fire Blast,and Thunder TMs from the mart. Then after that I caught a Shelmet while I was training my Growlith and when it learned Flamethrower,I used the fire stone on it finaly and evo'ed it into Arcanine. I tried to find a Stunfisk,but I did not have any luck. Now I am training some other pokemon in order to get ready for the Ice Gym.

    Current Team:
    Arcanine Lv 39
    Litwick Lv 36
    Samurott Lv 38
    Lucarion Lv 38
    Scraggy Lv 36
    Krokorok Lv 36