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How do you create your characters? Do you base them off something? Do you get a appearance set then work off that? Etc.

It really varies. Sometimes I use characters from stories I've thought up in a roleplay so I can get more familiar with them. (Like Kris from Valde Bellum and Lanhua from Arcanum) Usually these are minor characters that I'd like to get a firmer grip on. For most others I usually have an image of a character in my head that I really like. I'm a very visual person (which I need since I also do a lot of drawing) and in order to make a good original character I need to have a very good visual on them. These other characters usually come to me while reading the plot of a roleplay, especially when they have interesting settings. (Like Evie from Prelude)

So yes, I base them either of a pre-existing character for an original story or of a strong mental image.

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