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N'aww, that picture of Mareep and Whimsicott together is adorable! <3 I think that brings up an interesting new topic though :D Do you think Electric types blend well with other types? And if so, which?

I think Electric types don't really blend in naturally with any type other than Flying. Thunder birds and huge monsters (or in Emolga's case squirrels) creating lightning from the sky seems like a perfect image to me that fits perfectly with the concept of Electric types. But unfortunately I can't think of any other types which lend themselves well to the Electric type; it seems to be a very solitary type in this respect. The only other type I'd coin it with is Steel because it makes sense that machines would be capable of producing this kind of electric power, but that's about it. :3 It's interesting though that the majority of Electric types are in fact mono-typed with the minority having dual-types - I think this really beckons the point that Electric Pokémon are a pretty solitary race in terms of type combinations.