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    Pokemon Destiny

    Made with RPG Maker XP, and Pokemon Essentials

    The Main Story Line, should you chose to accept it

    For the past several years people have been disappearing and nobody knows where too. Your dad himself was on an epic journey with the Pokemon Master of all regions and they were doing this special research on pokemon when suddenly they disapear too. Nobody realises they had disapeared untill after a few years when rumours are brought up that your dad died while training, and the Pokemon Master died in a fatal mistake made by your Dad which killed the Pokemon master. Your dad left you behind 1 of his childhood pokemon and a PokeGear. Now you are thirteen and your mom wants you to follow your dream, but you want to also figure out about your dad, and so set out on your journey.

    Your choices of paths:

    Trainer- The typical, now expected story line from any Pokemon game. You chose a starter pokemon, you have rival. You go around the region trying to beat all the gyms and eventually beating the elite four. This path includes the Main Story Line.

    Researcher- You meat the professor and he/she will ask you a set of questions that will in the end decide who you get as your starter pokemon. From here you will be sent on a mission to collect data about different Pokemon and try to uncover and learn more about the 3 legendary pokemon. After seeing all three you will be sent into a parallel universe in which you uncover many many secrets about your past, everybody's present, and everybody's future. It is then your mission to get back to the real world somehow and then you get to chose whether you want to send the 3 legendaries away or let them roam your lands. This path MAY include the Main Story Line.

    Explorer: You are given a very sturdy Pokémon and are expected to travel into the unknown seas and unknown land. On this journey you may discover new regions and new people on new lands!! You will also have the ability to claim unknown land and give it your own name and develop city's and town's on it!! This path MAY include the Main Story Line.


    I really want to post a map put it's not allowed

    -Ho-Oh 112
    -And others =D

    Looking for:
    -Sripters / coders

    Pease note: Im looking to put a load of effort into this game and will appreciate some advance sripters that could implement new features into this game.