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    As someone who enjoys challenging hacks, I'd have to say that I can't really decide between Expert Emerald and Reign of Legends

    Out of all three GBA hacks I've played, there is LP, but the game starts to lose difficulty after the second gym, and becomes a cakewalk after the fifth gym.

    Then there is RD:LoG. The game was too easy for me at first, but then came the story-line's climax and the post-game, both were insanely hard, but enjoyable.

    Finally, there is Expert Emerald. I found Roxanne and Brawly to be easy, but then the difficulty rose after Wattson, and peaked with Norman. Now, it's sort of easy, especially since I've defeated Tate&Liza on my first try.

    Overall, LoG does provide many challanges at the end, but EE is hard through the game.
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