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Originally Posted by nyaa View Post

I was wondering what my Karen's Umbreon card is worth. I looked around on eBay for a bit, but there are ridiculously high prices on there. It's kind of hard to believe those are correct prices, ranging from 200 to 600 dollar?! Or am I wrong?

Information of the card:
1. Karen's Umbreon (the name of the card is in Japanese, but apparently that's the English name).
2. VS?
3. 091/141*
4. It has a first edition sign on the bottom right?

Condition of the card is basically completely new. Has been in a sleeve since I got it.

Thanks in advance.
If you notice, though, all of those cards on eBay are PSA graded ones. The PSA is an organization that rates collectible cards on their condition for a hefty fee. A card like Karen's Umbreon would be worth getting PSA graded, but even without the PSA grading, you could probably get $75 for it. It's a pretty rare card.
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