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    Oh... oh my. That's a difficult one. There's so many moments I like out of around 90 episodes. I may have to think about that a bit. That was definitely a good moment and episode, though.

    I'm actually going to go back and re-watch all of the episodes from the beginning of Best Wishes soon. By the time I do that, I may have a better answer to that question.

    But yeah, that was a great episode. Episode 66 I believe it was. It was... very afro. And Iris seemed very mature and resourceful. Yes. I also like the Deino episode. And not to be overly predictable, I love many of the moments around her introduction. Like she picked up Pikachu and said it was cute. Aside from character development and deeper sort of situations, there's lots of little cute and funny moments I like.

    It is true that Misty did stick more to her type preference. Though she did have Togepi. I think it's realistic and I like how in both the anime and.. other stuff, she's shown to have variety. Dragons are rare, and having type variety is just wise anyway. I'm glad that they're having Iris not only a dragon focused trainer, but one that has a bit of variety to her. And are doing that to new characters in general.

    I think it would be nice to see more specialized trainers with more team balance.

    Sorry if my post isn't very adequate. Saying what my favourite Iris moment is, is kinda hard. I'll definitely come back and give a better answer to it, though, when I go back and rewatch it. And thanks for sticking around the thread!
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