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Originally Posted by Mr Cat Dog View Post
I wanna see some skyscrapers and some hi-tech industry! When are you gonna start getting those in? Yes, I'm shallow, but that's pretty much the entire reason why I play the game. Getting that first skyscraper is a wonderful feeling! :D
I'm working toward those by building up the region around my core cities!

Though several cities do have hi-tech industry pockets. Like that last city I posted.

Update 11 - Trelawny:

Trelawny is a small town with lots of elements of the big city, being located immediately south of Grenadia Flats. One of those elements is terrible traffic that passes through here on its way to Grenadia Flats from the larger towns and cities to the south and east of Trelawny.

Here is an overview of the developed portion of the city.

Moving closer in, we have a shot of the business district, as well as the traffic congestion in action.

Moving to our east, and zooming back out, we have a look at the eastern portion of the city, with more congestion visible. Thing is, I'm fairly certain that it's 1:40 in the afternoon in this shots and this is still the morning traffic heading into the city.

Here we have the bridge that heads into the city, STILL backed up with traffic all the way down its length. This is roughly the entire length of the bridge.

And here, for our last picture, we have the south end of the bridge, which, as you can see, is also full of traffic on one side. The road that heads into that tunnel is also very heavily congested, with some of the worst traffic in the region. Unfortunately, there are no plans on the horizon to upgrade this area's traffic capabilities for the foreseeable future, much to the chagrin of everyone affected.

I have also included a somewhat outdated map that defines the highways maintained by the Regional Transportation Authority as well showing the boundaries of the six counties in the region.
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