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    Damon Malruth
    Kanto Enclave

    There were bullets in the air as the various members of the Declarum Forces shot at the Knights. In the first few rounds some Knights had been hit and fell down onto the ground. Others quickly adapted and hid behind the building and used their own long range attacks to hit the small military force. "Crud, spread out!" Damon called out as he lept to the side as a powerful Surf went past him and slammed into some of the other pokemon. He threw another sleeping pellet at some Knights and dashed off to the side to see if he could find a weak point somewhere within their defenses. Of course... them being Knights and all, he wasn't able to find one and all the while they sent attack after attack at him. He quickly hid behind some of the natural rock and quickly stood up and gestured at Urta before he had to duck behind cover once more.

    The Blaziken grunted from her cover, "Right, everyone, split up. Hit them from both sides and don't let up!" She looked around before she shot out some more bullets and ran right out in the open, shooting as she went. The D.F. quickly separated as more bullets flew and attacks from the Knights were thrown and hit into some pokemon, causing those hit to fall down onto the ground. Urta led her group to a rock formation and looked at them. "We're going to distract them long enough for some of you to get to a building. Get in and neutralize them, got it?"

    Several pokemon nodded as Urta turned to Peyton. "Medic, help me out with some covering fire. Everyone else who wants to go, head for the building once we fire. Ready.... go!" She lept up and fired off at the Knights who quickly took shelter as many of the D.F. ran as fast as they could toward the building that was pointed out and poured into the doorway. Inside were two Knights that were already ready for battle as they ran at the group.
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