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    Originally Posted by looper View Post
    Did someone ever thought about more characters than the two genders in FR? For example 2 boys and 2 girls?
    In my eyes it would need a change of the choice in the intro and a modification of the scripts that renders the trainerbattles (backsprite) and the maps (OW) as like some minor things.
    My Question is: Would it be possible with a small amount of work? I don't know how the routines that differ the gender work, but thinking about the checkgender command gives me the feeling that the game only allows 2 Values.

    Does anyone know sth. about it?
    It definitely would be alot of work. You could use a small shortcut, however, and take a leaf out of JPANs book and make a backsprite-switching and OW switching command. This would get around the OW and backsprite problem, although there are many other things that aren't addressed in JPANs hack engine, such as the small sprite of the player's head that shows up on the World Map, the end credits script, and plenty of other things. You could always modify the ASM behind the main part of the ROM that holds the player's gender, which according to my notes is at 0x0300500C + 0x8, to hold other values. Currently, it only uses 0 for boy and 1 for girl, but I'm sure you could make it accept other values with some ingenuity. But you'd need to go to every single routine in-game that depends on gender, and change the routine to have more branches. Alot of things change color depending on the gender, in addition to other things. If you're experienced enough to take it on, by all means, go for it :D, otherwise, try pursuing a simpler path. For instance, after Oak's intro, ask the player, in a script, if they'd like to be Type A boy or Type B boy, or Type A girl or Type B girl, and adjust the variables accordingly.

    I think I'm done with ROM hacking. I'll still pop in and visit, though.

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